Smelting Equipments
Convertor Equipment
Furnace Equipment
Continuous Casting Line
Slab Casting Machine
Beam Blank Casting Machine
Billet Contunuous Casting Machine
Bloom Continuous Casting Mchine
Strip Hot Rolling Mill
Continuous Cast and Hot Rolling Mill
Plate Hot Rolling Mill
Plate Mill, Heavy Plate Mill
Steckel Mill
Steckel mil, as a new type of roling mil, has the characteristics of compact process length and more flexible rolingprocess, which may reduce the investment cost of equipment significantly.
Hot Rolling Equipment for Section Steel, Bar and Wire
Beam Mill
Billet Tandem Mill
Bar and Wire Mill
Cold Rolling Mill
Single Stand Cold Roling Mill
Double Stand Cold Rolling Mill
Hot Rolled Strip Skin Pass Mill
4/5-Stand Tandem Cold Rolling Mill
Non-ferrous Rolling Mill
Aluminum Hot Strip Mill
Aluminum Cold Rolling Mill
Steel Melting
We have the capacity to providevacuum treated molten steel more than 700 tons one time.
We have the proven casting process for the manufacturing of mill housing castings with net weight up to 400 tons
15000t, 1000t, 6000t and 4500t open die forging presses well-equipped with fully functional digital manipulators ensure the well shaping and full internal compaction of roll forgings.
Heat Treatment
The horizontal NC temperature-differential heattreatment furnaces in various dimensions 6.5m,2.8m, 2.5m and so on and assorted three mist-sprayquenching machines allow for temperature differentiaheat treatment of all rolls in barrel length less than6.5m. The high-precision NC temper treatment electricfurnaces ensure the quality of the working layer of rolls.
Water Treatment
Steel industry water treatment